Mural painting Bloemhof, Rotterdam | 2022

Laxmi Manuela is a self taught artist and female streetartist based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She studied Anthropology and Sociology at Erasmus University and Leiden University. During this time she discovers her passion for painting. Because of this discovery she is conflicted making the right career choice that will make her truly happy.

After a few years of soul searching and against all expectations, she eventually decides to pick up her painting brush and chooses for a fulltime career as an artist. Right from the start she is painting canvases where the subjects are often associated with taboo breaking themes and empowerment of women. To draft more attention to her subjects, she also creates large- scale murals worldwide. With her artwork she explores contrasts between cultures. By emulating her internal reality into paintings, she is reflecting her life experiences with love, sexuality, pain and loss.